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Fall Back and Look Forward

Happy fall ya’ll! Don’t you love this time of year? The changing of the seasons represented in nature’s colors and temperature. Turning our clocks back from Daylight Savings Time creating what seems like shorter days. In some ways the pace of life seems to slow down and we feel more like hibernating, snuggly and cozy […]

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Wacky Holidays in July

Boy, the holiday creation people must have been super bored in the month of July! There are some wacky days, like “Rat-Catcher’s Day” on July 17 and “Take Your Plants for a Walk Day” on July 27. Because this post is so late, I must have gotten stuck on “I Forgot Day” July 2nd. But […]

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Junk Stories

Having a small selection of deep profile frames and deciding to experiment filling them with objects instead of photos, I searched all my trinkets until ideas began to bubble in my brain. A little matboard, double-sided tape, wire, and in one case, a found hatchet, now this is fun! Shadowbox frames can be inexpensive and […]

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Barefoot Day

Weird Holidays for June 2017

There are not many odd holidays for the month of June. I guess everyone is too busy vacationing! If you find yourself looking for some fun activities to add to your staycation here’s the list of possible celebrations: June 2 National Go Barefoot Day June 5 World Environment Day June 7 National Chocolate Ice Cream Day […]

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Creative Path to Health

The Creative Path to Health

In 2010 The American Journal of Public Health published an interesting review of various studies that have been conducted on the effects of visual arts, expressive writing, and music movement on physical health. Expressing yourself in artistic, musical or written ways can have a positive effect on your body, mind and social well-being. These activities […]

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Sea Monkey

Do They Still Sell Sea Monkeys?

Here is the next list of weird and wacky holidays. Is it any coincidence that National Chicken Dance Day and Mother’s Day are on the same day this year? Not at my house … May 14 National Chicken Dance Day May 15 National Chocolate Chip Day May 16 National Sea Monkey Day (and yes, they […]

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Talk Like Shakespeare Day

Celebrate Life!

We all know Mother’s Day is coming up. But you might not be aware of the many other special days that have been adopted as holidays or celebration days. Who started it? Congress did. They really went crazy naming holidays in the 80s but now not so much. There are also special interest groups who […]

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This first post is like a short introduction. When I was a little girl growing up in – no wait – this could get boring REAL fast! Any little tidbits of my history may be revealed along the way, but I really want this to be about you. My goal is to encourage you to discover, […]

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