Celebrate Life!

We all know Mother’s Day is coming up. But you might not be aware of the many other special days that have been adopted as holidays or celebration days.

Who started it? Congress did. They really went crazy naming holidays in the 80s but now not so much. There are also special interest groups who are trying to raise awareness for their cause. Corporations and companies come up with them to promote their products. In the social media age, somebody just makes something up and it can go viral.

What a great way to add creativity and celebration to everyday life. But beware of skeptics! Some people get downright grumpy about it and make comments like don’t people have anything better to do. Don’t let them discourage you. Maybe they just don’t do silly!

Talk Like Shakespeare DayThe routines of life can get boring. How much fun could it be to celebrate Bubble Bath Day?

What about Talk like Shakespeare Day? That is the question! (I apologize for the vague Hamlet reference, I couldn’t resist.)

In future posts, I will share other upcoming holidays. For example, here are three ways to make these odd days fun days at your house:

1.  Celebrate a family dinner with food and decorations based on the theme.

2.  Do a themed craft with the kids.

3.  Dress up!

Odd Holidays for May 7 – 13, 2017:

 No Socks Day, May 8

 Eat What You Want Day, May 11

 Limerick Day, May 12

 Frog Jumping Day, May 13