This first post is like a short introduction. When I was a little girl growing up in – no wait – this could get boring REAL fast! Any little tidbits of my history may be revealed along the way, but I really want this to be about you.

My goal is to encourage you to discover, unleash, nurture and otherwise express your own creative nature.

When I first opened the store people would ask me if I was an artist. I always responded NO and, in a way that almost sounded like an apology, I would say I tended more toward the “crafty” side of things.

After spending some time and research on the subject of art, crafting, and creativity, I now answer that question with a resounding YES and I hope you will too. After all, especially at the end of a more challenging day, how many of us could say we were very artistic in getting through it!

We can be artists in our homes, our kitchens, our work, our relationships, in how we raise our children, and of course in what we can create with our hands. I believe we can all use creativity and fun to make our lives more fulfilling.

I hope my ideas and thoughts will inspire you, encourage you and get you to try something new, something you may not have imagined you could do.

Watch for new content about once a week on this site or follow me on Pinterest. Who knows what we will discover, but like a great road trip, we will have a blast along the way!