Dana Ferguson, Proprietor
Finding Clifton is a dream come true for me. Living the small-town life on a historic main street is like stepping back in time. It was exciting to design our 800-square-feet living space in the back of our 1906 building. One of my favorite things is Sunday afternoons when the street is quiet and we walk to the movie and dinner.

I love encouraging creativity and I am working to offer classes in discovering and unleashing your creative nature.

Ask me about

Art Journaling
Coloring Books
Found Poetry

Grant Ferguson, Maker
Grant Ferguson, Maker
It’s tremendous fun writing and illustrating books. Also, I never tire of walking around Clifton with my teammate, Rango, and together, enjoying visits with our friendly neighbors. The town is full of interesting sites and individuals, continuing to exceed our expectations after several years.

I love to build and write, turning an image in the mind’s eye into reality. It is truly rewarding to hear whenever we exceed expectations!

Ask me about:

Hammered Dulcimer Tunes
Retire Crazy Good
Steampunk and Digital Art

Rango Ferguson, Big Dog
Rango Ferguson, Big Dog
I’m a rare “Chug” (a mix of chihuahua and pug). I don’t often tell people but I’m adopted. Looking at me now it’s hard to believe I was once scruffy and skinny. Gallery life suits me just fine and as the Big Dog, I protect this place by stationing myself in the middle display window and barking at anyone who dares to ignore me.

I love my job, bringing joy to Dana and Grant. Oh, and it is like too cool that they let me have the run of the place. I guess that’s why I don’t mind taking Grant for walks several times a day…he deserves it!

Ask me about:

Twirling Dance Moves
The Joy of Spinach
Long Walks